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Book Search Facility – Sourcing Books Out of Print

As well as being able to order books on your behalf which are readily available from publishers, we can also source older books which have gone out of print.

We have an extensive network of contacts in the publishing industry, so much so that we are sure we can help you find the book you are looking for, where other lines of enquiry may have failed.

Book Details Required

When we are trying to find an out of print book, the more information you can give us, the better. We may come across books of similar titles, or by different authors, so it will help us if you can be specific about your requirements.

Delivery and Despatch

As soon as your book arrives in our shop, we will contact you. You can pick it up, or we will post it to you.

If we have to send it out, we will make sure we send it recorded delivery to ensure its safe arrival. Postage and packaging will be extra where required.

For further enquiries and details of book searching services, please call us .